WNL Cash Back

How It Works


World Net Leads is a website improving every day, to give you the best advertising you can receive in the online marketing niche and e-commerce niche.

The qualities of the website are:

  • -You Advertise Massively.
  • -You Get Paid Instantly or Weekly (depending on the product you choose to sell).
  • -You can Get Paid up to 100% commissions.

If you are a Business Owner or You sell something online, You surely know that what you need is traffic.

We know either.

So we packed up all the things that you need to advertise, and putted in the eyes of people interested.

This is what we provide, good quality advertising to everyone who needs.

Right Now (22 feb 2017) we are in PRE-LUNCH for 7 days, and there is 1 advertising type ready to be selled, the Leads-Packs. More will be added soon, on a weekly/monthly basis.

What You Get

All Purchase inside our website will give you traffic, and the re-sell right for every product you see inside WNL. In particular:
Email marketing/Solo ads inside WNL
Video marketing inside WNL (coming soon)
Direct marketing inside WNL (coming soon)
Personal Blog inside WNL (coming soon)
Search Engine Traffic inside WNL(coming soon)
Banner Ads and Text ads
Other (available in few months)

You can see below the seven Leads packs available.
These are what let you make advertising via eMail.

The 7 Leads-Packs level listed down here, are the one that gives you the possibility to start your Email Marketing inside WNL.
All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly.

Details about the World Net LEADS

In "Member Area" —-> "Mail Maker" section , you will find all set up a function, that allows you to create your sales pages.
Depending on the Leads-Pack you own, you will have marketing tools that will help you selling your products or services.

The highest the package level, the better the marketing tools.
Just follow that scheme:

  • -20 Basic LEADS*
  • -20 Basic LEADS* + 30 VIP Leads**
  • -20 Basic LEADS* + 30 VIP Leads**+ Video***
  • -160 VIP Leads**+ Video***
  • -230 VIP Leads**+ Video***+ Second Biz Link****
  • -300 VIP Leads**+ Video***+ Second Biz Link****
  • -500 VIP Leads**+ Video***+ Second Biz Link****


- You can contact your WN Leads with a basic capture page.

- The Leads you are going to contact are 100% people interested in doing money and biz online, all of them know and use BitCoin, and everyone have spent an amount between 0.001BTC and 0.02BTC (so they are buyers).

**VIP Leads (VIP)

- You can modify your BackGround in the Capture Page.

- The Leads you are going to contact have spent an amount between 0.01BTC and 0.05BTC

- The Leads can leave their infos to your capture page thanks to a simple button, so they do not have to spend time writing email and name.

***Video (SUPER)

- You can add a Video to your Capture Page (YouTube embed Link);

- The Leads you are going to contact have spent an amount between 0.01BTC and 0.15BTC

****Second Biz Link

- You can promote TWO link at the same time, with a single page.

- The Leads you are going to contact have spent an amount between 0.01BTC and 0.3BTC

up to 20 World Net Leads each 28 days
up to 50 World Net Leads each 21 days
up to 100 World Net Leads each 18 days
up to 160 World Net Leads each 15 days
up to 230 World Net Leads each 9 days
up to 300 World Net Leads each 4 days
up to 500 World Net Leads each 2 days

Solo email are not cumulative (you get what is listed in the package). Your traffic package purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.
We cannot refund money because you will send money for the Leads-Packs directly to a member of the website. We neverhandle that money - it is paid directly to members.

But we assure you will receive a very good quality traffic, forever!

Packages must be purchased in order. You must purchase all lower level packages before purchasing a higher level package.

For example:

When you purchase the SET Leads-Pack for 0.005 BTC, you will be able to contact 20 prospects every 28 days FOREVER, speaking about what you like most.

And you have the re-sell rights to that particular pack.

Then when you want to improve and go with the APOPI Leads-Pack for 0.05 BTC, , you will be able to contact 50 prospects every 21 days FOREVER.

And you have the re-sell rights to that particular pack, and the one before that.

It keeps working like that as you purchase the next traffic packages, up to 500 prospects every 2 Days.

We want to give the best service to you, and let you gain the more money possible. This is why you will gain 100% commissions for the packages selling (read the terms for commissions below).


World Net Leads Pays you using a 3x7 matrix structure, that gives you more advertising at every level you reach.

For every Level, you are buying and selling Advertising Services inside our website, direct to other members.

The commissions are structured like this:

Package Slots Explanation
SET 3 people x 0.005 BTC 3 members of the "First Level" pay you 0.005 BTC each for Leads-Pack 1 Your total earning would be 0.015 BTC
APOPI 9 people x 0.01 BTC 9 members of the "Second Level" pay you 0.01 BTC each for Leads-Pack 2 Your total earnings would be 0.09 BTC
NEFTI 27 people x 0.03 BTC 27 people x 0.03 BTC 27 members of the "Third Level" pay you 0.03 BTC each for Leads-Pack 3 Your total earnings would be 0.81 BTC
ANUBI 81 people x 0.05 BTC 81 people x 0.05 BTC 81 members of the "Fourth Level" pay you 0.05 BTC each for Leads-Pack 4 Your total earnings would be 4.05 BTC
OSIRIDE 243 people x 0.1 BTC 243 people x 0.1 BTC 243 members of the "Fifth Level" pay you 0.1 BTC each for Leads-Pack 5 Your total earnings would be 24.3 BTC
HORUS 729 people x 0.25 BTC 729 people x 0.25 BTC 729 members of the "Sixth Level" pay you 0.25 BTC each for Leads-Pack 6 Your total earnings would be 182 BTC
RA 2187 people x 0.5 BTC 2187 people x 0.5 BTC 2187 members of the "Sixth Level" pay you 0.5 BTC each for Leads-Pack 7 Your total earnings would be 1093.5 BTC

Remember, the earnings are for example purpose only, and this huge amounts can be reachable only with the correct work-ethic and with the knowledge you will deserve.

Honestly, can you handle to sell the service to 2187 people?

Maybe yes, if you can, you can surely reach 1304.765 BTC very very soon and make your customers happy.

If you think you are not be able to do it, by the way, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.

We from WNL believe in people that Give other people the knowledge on how selling online works. iscritti e fare marketing).

You can simply build a Team of people to co-operate with, and those numbers will be easily acheivable.

And you can do it from day 1, because you are selling the most sellable things online.

You are selling clients to other people, not less, not more. So be strong, every one wants them!

As with any business, results are not typical, but depend on how you business experience, capacity, desire (do you have a big WHY?).

But, this is the best place to start.

For this particular section, this is not an investment scheme, you are not paid from future earnings of the company, all earnings come from direct member to member sales.

Tutti i tuoi guadagni deriveranno dalla vendita utente a utente.


You are qualified to receive the commission if you already own that Leads-Packs yourself. That is why we recommend you buy the highest Leads-Pack that you can afford.

REMEMBER you will receive instant commissions straight to your account whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your downline structure from members above or below you.

Additionally, you must accept the preferred payment method of the customer, which is Bitcoin.
So please be sure to have added you BTC dress in Member Area >> My Profile
We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to purchase our traffic products.
Selling of our traffic products is completely optional.

This is NOT a HYIP (high-yield investment program), cycler, ponzi scheme, or get rich quick program.
This is not an investment club, or gifting program. We do not promised any interest on your Leads-Packs purchases.

Our Leads-Packs products are one-time purchases, starting at 0.02 BTC to a high of 1 BTC.

They can be used to promote the product and services of your choosing, as long as those products and services DO NOT propagate Hate, Racism, Religion or Political bias.
Neither should any traffic packages be used for the purpose of selling porn, adult content or similar content that may be deemed disturbing or abusive to the WorldNetLeads.com users and customers. Should there be any report of abuse of this term; the offensive advertisement will be deleted without notice. Any repeat violations of this policy may result in termination of your account without refund, and forfeiture of any remaining traffic and impressions.


Nowhere else you will find such a big amount of advertising, for less money, and with the re-sellable rights.

World Net Leads is one of the few opportunity you can easily sell for your entire marketing carrier, so enjoy as we do, and you will be good.

And remember, our vision is to become the first real Marketer Social Media and our goal is to give satisfied customers to every seller in this planet.

On a weekly/monthly basis we will add more stuff and news to the website.

Sincerely, Admins

For more detailed info Click Here

The product we sell - Leads

Through our portal and after free registration you will gain access to your private area, where you will be able to buy our AdPacks.
AdPacks can be purchased starting from the first one (The "Set" AdPack from 0.02BTC) and then you will have the chance to buy them in order up until the one you desire. For each AdPack you buy, you will unlock a certain number of mails that you can send each n days, based on your adPack level. Inside your Private Area you will also find the "Capture Page" field: through this section you will be able to build a Capture Page containing the product or service you advertise, and the members of Net World Leads will receive it. Any member interested in your product will have the chance to leave you their Mail, and that is a Lead!
The number of Leads you can send has is defined by your adPack; you can send them through the form you find in the "Send Mail" section.

How you can earn money

After signing up on Net World Leads, you will find the "downline" section in your private area, that is the customers who signed up to the site through your sponsorship.
By referring new customers, you will receive a 100% commission.

1° level: max 3 spots, possible earnings 3 x 0.005 BTC = 0.015 BTC;
2° level: max 9 spots, possible earnings 9 x 0.01 BTC = 0.09 BTC;
3° level: max 27 spots, possible earnings 27 x 0.03 BTC = 0.81 BTC;
4° level: max 81 spots, possible earnings 81 x 0.05 BTC = 4.05 BTC;
5° level: max 243 spots, possible earnings 243 x 0.1 BTC = 24.3 BTC;
6° level: max 729 spots, possible earnings 729 x 0.25 BTC = 182 BTC;
7° level: max 2187 spots, possible earnings 2.187 x 0.5 BTC = 1093.5 BTC;
For an amazing possible total earning of 1304.765 BTC!

Adding new customers to the downline

Every time a registered user invites a new customer on Net World Team, this will be placed in the first level with free available spots. Let's see an example.
Giovanni refers Lorenzo since he has 3 free spots in his first level: Lorenzo will end up in the 1st spot of his first level;

After that, Giovanni refers Anna and Edoardo, who will be placed in spots number 2 and 3 of the first level respectively;

Giovanni also refers a fourth person: Renato. Now, there are no more available spots in his first level. Renato will therefore end up in his second level, where he has 9 available spots (supposing that Lorenzo, Anna and Edoardo haven't invited anyone), and he will specifically be placed in Lorenzo' first level;

Finally, Giovanni refers a fifth person, Paola, who will end up in his second level; this time she will be placed in Anna's first level, since the system provides an even distribution of Spillover.
Final situation will be as below:

How payments take place:

The first thing we have to say is that payments for the purchase of each AdPack do not pass through the website, but they are carried out between buying customer and selling customer.
Besides, the commissions every customer will earn from their downline are based on package levels. The selling customer will earn 100% of commissions deriving from customers on the first level of their downline who buy their first AdPack;
Customers on the second level of downline will generate 100% of commissions when buying their second AdPack and so on for every level.
Here is another example to better illustrate the situation: let's consider the following graphics representing Giovanni's downline:

Let's focus on the only customer on the fourth level, that is Pippo, who was invited to Net World Leads by Luca.
When Pippo will buy his first AdPack, he will pay 100% commissions to the customer occupying one position up in his UpLine, that is Luca.
When Pippo will buy his second AdPack, he will pay 100% commissions to the customer occupying 2 positions up in his UpLine, that is Paola, who invited Luca;
When Pippo will buy his third AdPack, he will pay 100% commissions to the customer occupying 3 positions up in his UpLine, that is Anna, who invited Paola;
When Pippo will buy his fourth AdPack, he will pay 100% commissions to the customer occupying 4 positions up in his UpLine, that is Giovanni, who invited Anna.